Nimren Rimgen Werode










Rimgen Werode - father (deceased)
Ayanya Werode - mother (deceased)
Atriá Werode - sister
Gurple Werode - uncle
Corina Werode - wife (deceased)
Théoden Werode - son
Unborn child - daughter (deceased)
Festor Werode - cousin (deceased)


Elwynn Forest Guard, Grand Alliance





Sir Nimren Rimgen Werode is the current commander of the Elwynn Forest Guard, the regiment of Stormwind Guards operating in the over-populated forest.


Early LifeEdit

Born in Stormwind City to Rimgen and Ayanya Werode, he was brought up to be a warrior and trained by his father. He had always wanted to be a soldier ever since he was 8 when his father showed him how to use a sword. At the very young age of 14, his father was killed in a battle against the Horde when an Orc struck his head with an axe. Both his father's weapons and armour where passed down to him.

Meeting CorinaEdit

Nimren had known his future wife all his life from when he was born. They both used to play with each other when they were kids and go to school together. When Nimren was 15 he asked Corina out on a date. At first Corina thought they should just stay friends but then she changed her mind and went with Nimren to the Stormwind Ball. When they were 19 they got married in the Stormwind Cathedral and had a son a year later.

Stormwind City GuardEdit

Following in his father's footsteps, he joined the Stormwind City Guard under the command of High Commander Caim Drágonblade. He was not yet ready to become a soldier so was assigned in patrolling the streets of Stormwind every night with a fellow guard or the good High Commander himself on rare occasions.

The Defias BrotherhoodEdit

One night while at the Lion's Pride Inn having a drink with Corina and friends, Defias bandits poured in and began to raid the place. Corina was grabbed by one of the bandits and taken away to their camp. Nimren hurried after them and finally caught up. He was just in time to her his wife's final breath as she was hung by a noose on a tree. She was then buried in the Goldshire Cemetery.

Quick MoneyEdit

Spending months of patrolling Stormwind City with fellow guards, the High Commander resigned which broke down the devision of guards Nimren was in. Due to him being out of a job, he was low on money and had to keep asking his mother for some. This was stressing Nimren out as he no longer wanted to take money from his elderly mother. Back when he was a child, his father helped him build his first sword with blacksmithing skills he learned from being in the army and also taught Nimren these skills. Nimren then started his own business known as the Elwynn Blacksmith. The first week was brilliant. He had made over 10 gold a day just by mining and crafting weapons then selling them off to people, but the next week things went down hill. Ayanya, his mother, fell ill with an unknown cause and died within a few days. Nimren and his siter Atriá then buried her in the Stormwind City Cemetery with their father, Rimgen. Since then, their Uncle Gurple has been looking over them.

The Argent VanguardEdit

One day, Caim Drágonblade returned to him and asked if he'd like to join him again. Nimren agreed and became a guard at Clan Watch within the Argent Vanguard. He was stationed in the Outland and missed his home. Every week he'd send letters to his family to see how they were doing. After many weeks, Nimren returned home and re-started the Elwynn Blacksmith to be with his family.

The LegionEdit

Constructing a Copper Sword inside the blacksmith, a messenger from Stormwind approached Nimren and told him the King wanted to speak with him. Wiping the sweat from his forehead and putting on a shirt, he travelled to Stormwind to speak to the King. The KIng told him that dark times were near and needed all the help he could get. Knowing Nimren and his family from years ago, he appointed Nimren Grand Marshal of the newly formed Legion of Stormwind. Although it went well at first, the King ordered Nimren to disband due to complications within the Stormwind council. After that he was appointed commander of the Elwynn Forest devision of Stormwind Guards.